Gratitude Is The Best Attitude

Be Thankful,
Believe In Yourself,
Have Vision

Angel Card Reading

Angel - Divine Messenger *** Oracle - Being of Great Wisdom.  

Angels are messengers, so they wait for you to speak to them, to ask them for help. The Angels always answer, but sometimes we donn't hear them. Through an Angel card reading, you will receive loving words of guidance as to how you can make your life better, helping your thoughts become clear and affirming to what you already know deep inside yourself. This often helps you find the courage to trust yourself, your intuition, and feelings to take the right path now. The reading will help you face your fears and grow into the person you want to be.

You can ask the angels almost anything, but some of the most often asked questions are:

What is my life purpose? What steps should I take next in my career? Will I heal from this condition? How can I help myself heal? What would the angels like to say to me? Do they have a message for me? What is ahead for me? You may receive loving words of guidance as how you can make your life better, helping your thoughts become clear.

Past Life Reading

The usefulness in exploring past lives is this in every life our soul is given the opportunity to rise above their demeanors, their faults, their follies, awkwardness, doubts, mistakes, and other character flaws that the soul is created with. By acting as 'triggers', the cards will evoke 'far memories' of experiences in other so-called incarnations. These recollections will accelerate your growth through the greater knowledge and insight to be derived from having ever more free and ready access to your personal history through the incarnations. I use several methods to access your past life including guided meditation, Gyoshi Ho and the Akashic records. Keep an open mind.